The Library Telescope Program is supported by dozens of amateur astronomy clubs, libraries and other organizations.  Many of these organizations participate in a task force whose purpose is to share best practices and grow the "Library Telescope" program in the USA and Internationally.  Volunteers participate their time without pay because they feel strongly that the library telescope program is an exciting way to introduce the general public to the wonders of astronomy and space science, and an innovative way for libraries to expand their offering to the public. 

Task Force Meetings are held at 10:30 am Eastern Time (USA) on the second Tuesday of each month using ZOOM.  The following meeting dates are scheduled for 2022 and 2023:

  • 2022:  1/11, 2/8, 3/8, 4/12, 5/10, 6/14, 7/12, 8/9, 9/13, 10/11, 11/8, 12/13
  • 2023:  1/10, 2/14, 3/14, 4/11, 5/9, 6/13, 7/11, 8/8, 9/12, 10/10, 11/14, 12/12

The following organizations are represented on the Library Telescope Task Force.  Organizations often have multiple representatives.  Our task force welcomes astronomy clubs, librarians, and any organization that shares our passion for growing and supporting the library telescope program.  If your organization is interested in participating in one of our meetings, please Contact us.