The library telescope program and this website would not be possible without Marc Stowbridge and the New Hampshire Astronomical Society who created and refined the design of the library telescope and many of the source materials used in this website. 

Other contributors include:

  • Cornerstones of Science who launched and supported the program in over 20 states,
  • The Astronomical Society of the Pacific who has supporting the program by raising awareness and through educational content 
  • The Astronomical League who has donated library telescopes to many astronomy clubs for delivery to local libraries
  • The St. Louis Astronomical Society who has grown its library program to over 150 telescopes in the St. Louis metro area and helped several cities launch programs
  • The many astronomy club members who have volunteered their time and expertise to make this program successful 

If you would like to volunteer to help with the Library Telescope Program or start a program your area, please Contact us.

Our Goal

To foster scientific literacy, stimulate an interest in astronomy, and provide people who have never looked through a telescope the chance to experience the excitement that comes from discovery