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AmsterdamOpenbare Bibliotheek AmsterdamVisitAnton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy (UniversitVisit.n
AppingendamBibliotheek AppingedamVisitUniversity of Groningen Visit
Bergen op ZoomBibliotheek West BrabantVisitInformation not availableVisit
DelfzijlBibliotheek DelfzijlVisitUniversity of Groningen Visit
GroningenMeet-o-theekVisitUniversity of Groningen Visit
LeensBibliotheek LeensVisitUniversity of Groningen Visit
LeidenBplusCVisitLeiden Observatory (Astronomy departnemt of UniverVisit
OldehoveBibliotheek OldehoveVisitUniversity of Groningen Visit
RoosendaalBibliotheek West BrabantVisitInformation not availableVisit
UithuizenBibliotheek UithuizenVisitUniversity of Groningen Visit
WinsumBibliotheek WinsumVisitUniversity of Groningen Visit

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To foster scientific literacy, stimulate an interest in astronomy, and provide people who have never looked through a telescope the chance to experience the excitement that comes from discovery